Mind of the Introverted Stoner, phone note pt.1

Why listen to music when you can listen to the forest.

What if I were to only type… what would that be like

I just need to write each thought

because if I don’t

I will wander

why do I put the spaces??

Like I I’m writing lyrics or something

the middle button keeps trying to put “hahahahahaha”

so maybe I do that too much


why do plants have spots

like a disease of some sort

why is it when I walk away from it all i feel a sense of peace

and then it pulls me back down

I’m torn

tearing between peace and hell

Just stretched. Made me stretch

typo F*CK

hahahahahaaha middle button fuck it

I forgot why I even opened my phone

ah, something about yoga in the woods

all alone

idk what going on in your head but in my mind it’s a f*cking chaotic mess

this food smells good though


glad times

tops hamstrings


smelling good

I just rushed to this present

oh Jesus

5 ways bud

no no invites

didn’t see it

so it wasn’t funny

backspaced 5 times

don’t worry about it. f*uck lets stop talking to myself and duck

I hate auto correct

but I don’t


I’m done

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