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I make a lot of mistakes doing this. I {MORE PRECISLY} feel like a nut typing. The sounds of each click ..it’s too much with the music. breathe. breathe. why?

Fix mistakes

Don’ t fix them. It changes the true intent. Foolish words are always better. I wish however, comma, heh… the fr..font wouldn’t fix my mistakes

Perfect time to shift. If we absorb our surroundings and cloud out the infinite noise my soul is trying to produce, we might just- make it somewhere. Its hard though

I hear them scream by and I must keep pressing on. The thoughts id truly like to absorb is my ego? No just silence. I want to release myself from the lure of the notes and be silent. I can’t get ^ Reach ^ my true silence. the music helps outside the state of mind. In it, however, it scraps me across the floor. Pulling me in all directions. I want the focus. Its forced ADHD. Perhaps people with ADHD experience different highs. But I digress.



I’m going the cut the music off.

Let’s see where I find myself. I want to find myself

40 seconds

Let it

S t o p. breathe

It’s been uhm 30 minutes?
an hour?
no clue. I want to take it in. Describe it

Close your eye.

Focus on what your finger feels like




And let that feeling continue up your arms. Let it grow. Couldn’t do it.

That’s just

A rush of voices.

Ah that. The sweet ……a noise…..it’s gone


It’s been 5 minutes. Lo0ok at that. I see from each angle and new dimension I can enter. A new level I can reach with each breath. I am in a vortex of possibilities just standing still.

This I not poetry, fuck. it prolly is. that’s fine. I suppose telling a story would be too nutty. aim small miss small.

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