Power of Music

I can’t describe to you this experience fully

Fuck. I just have to type

If I don’t type I can’t catch it

That raw self

Slipping through my grasp.

The fuck? the music is here.

It’s sweet and powerful. But I need to escape it

Every note, every beat, every sweet alluring tone…yanks at each bit of my soul


What is this jazz melody that?….The song changes and I feel myself swelling up

Too many thoughts to sift through. I cant pick one to focus my attention. Is this what it means to have the disorder of the attention? Does the music amplify it.

I can’t say for certain.

I wonder if it’s the same for you. Other world. Other self. Other being.

Do you drift endless

Do the songs of humanity pull your attention?

Help you escape

Back to the good. Back to the safeness.

I want to wake up… is this waking up?

Why do these look like lyrics.

The song shifts and so does my ability to comprehend where I was a moment ago….

Hold on

Imma do something risky.

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