We are all mad here

I feel it today.

But only in the silence.

This feels different.

No anxiety.

No worry.

Wait I felt it….

I said the word and made it reality.

Okay, let’s see where we can go tonight.

[Holy fuck I had to respell that too many times]

In and out.

Need to replace my space key.

It so squeaky.

I keep typing like this, but it doesn’t really flow well.

I just enjoy the space.

It’s like being on a typewriter or something.

[Type type type. Squeak. Enter.]

I feel more here today.

Normally I get ripped away between thoughts.

Its almost terrifying how many things go through my mind at once…

I’m usually just trying to grab at each thought,

Find something to hold onto.

Hold me to the moment.

Right now, this hybrid brings me there.

I can hold it… I can hold the present in my hand.

Need some water brb

I saw it

The darkness out there

Stepped back into living, remembering more than just the present.

I need to re-center.

Lock it all down.

Doors. Windows. Phones. Noise.

I wish I could hear true silence.

I’ve rubbed my face too many times now.

My Attention is wandering. But I want to stay on this.

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