An Hour Spacing

I went to take the fall. The fall into waves. The fall is easy. The task is simple. Just inhale. And let the weight of it take you. The hard part is figuring out how far you’ll fall. You can never guess just based on the immediate fall. 

I splash somewhere deeper than expected. That… the stomping of my neighbors is terrifying. Boom boom boom. Walk lighter, fuck.

Now that I’ve splashed in. It hit me suddenly. I got distracted and found myself at the bottom. Or what I believe is near the bottom. It can always go deeper.

I’ve placed myself in this erotic imagery. It’s captivating. Pulls your soul in and attaches it. There is nothing else. The world falls away. This virtual space takes over. It is overwhelming. It feels like an eternity but…. 

It ends. Somehow it ends. Always.

Then I’m here again. Stepping into a new box. Or a rectangle. This feels disconnected but, not like the virtual space. This is thought invoking space. Separation from the world. While still being attached. No one can reach you here. Unless you let them…

Here it’s refreshing. You can talk to the voice in your head. Have interesting conversations. I today, chose to dive further. I took another passage through the rectangle. A darker spot perhaps. 

Here I could count. I could feel. All along with my mind splitting.. Or attempting to split. 

1…. Oh I should be writing

2…. The explosions sun-water drowning the ears…

3 oh I can’t wait to eat…….

4……boom. friends. expectations….


6…, I didn’t split in that second.

And so on and so forth. Chaos. Breathtakingly so. 

Escaping the split I venture to the next plain. XJ4041 was a huge push off this cliff today. Too powerful but just the right kind. Motivational almost. 

The next plain reveals time. You realize in this area exactly how little you spent in those spaces. FUCK, loud closing doors. Paranoia always lingers… Waiting for its opportunity. 

I sit back in front of my digital log. This takes us to now. What I feel here is confusion. Reflecting back on the previous spaces proves tedious, confusing, and rattling. I’ve done it though.

What a time.

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