I’m Hardly Under It

I feel it’s strength surrendering

Still remaining


{I should just type to type} Those Are The Rules My World

This is my world

I break pieces off

I hand them out and gain nothing in return


I go where I should not dwell long

Where no human should fester

I play in the black puddles of rotten filth

{Jesus that song is bad. Oh now country? who made this playlist? Where was I? Ah, yes..}

The place no one should be

I step in

Pieces in hand

My masks hiding me amongst the 2@9247

I blend in trying to pass out the ruined fractures

Hoping they may take it

Take it from me with sincerity

Give something back


One tiny thing


Why am I here

Why do I play here

It’s not for me

My mask can’t hide me

I stand out

I have to find somewhere new

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