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  • The box

    The box

    Inside the box I stay safe inside the box noises outside the box put it all down and take it all in Lay down in the middle of the box Gaze into the present

  • I’m Hardly Under It

    I’m Hardly Under It

    Blogging is Hard

  • An Hour Spacing

    An Hour Spacing

    An hour existing.

  • Despair


    Sharing personal thoughts….

  • 10% left

    10% left

    I make a lot of mistakes doing this. I {MORE PRECISLY} feel like a nut typing. The sounds of each click ..it’s too much with the music. breathe. breathe. why? Fix mistakes Don’ t fix them. It changes the true intent. Foolish words are always better. I wish however, comma, heh… the fr..font wouldn’t fix […]

  • Society


    A looming shadow overreaching Holding me down Shivering Guilt stricken Once again I am torn Why do we tear ourselves away from our true selves Pushed to conform Pushed to fit in Work and bleed our souls until nothing but an empty carcass remains I can’t continue like this I want to be free

  • Scattered


    Last time Found out science is like magic If someone came to our world they would think that Desperate for someone to love me But don’t feel worthy of receiving love Like I’m punishing myself The construct makes you think you are not good enough By the agreements made Why am I worrying about what […]